Edale CE Primary School

Bella Hardy - BBC Folk Singer of the Year 2014

"I don't remember a moment at Edale Primary when there wasn't something going on; plays and musicals, a project outside (creating a wildlife garden or planting trees), end of term hill walking, sports outings to Hope Valley College and swimming at Buxton.  People from the village would be in and out with different roles to play. We learnt to knit with Ruby and Mrs Wilkie. Clive Weatherall was the best Christmas elf you'd ever seen (we got into trouble for laughing too loudly in the wendy house).  And whatever the project, whatever the activity, no-one was left out. Everyone had a place. I think there were 21 students in total during my last year of school. When the numbers are small, you might not always get along, you might fall out and behave in all the best and worst ways that children do, but there's a sense that regardless of all of that, you'll look out for each other. It becomes family. That's just how it is."